The Florence Riske Caregiver Award 

Our society was incorporated in 2001 by a group of committed community members who wanted to make some positive changes in our region.

Our society believes that strong families build strong communities. In defining family, we strive to strengthen the value of children, youth, parents, and our elders as vital members of a healthy and vibrant community.

In addition to our existing programs, we initiated a new recognition program in 2007, the Florence Riske caregiver award. We felt that in our busy lives and with the hustle and bustle of daily living, society as a whole has not given the deserved recognition to caregivers. Most of us know of exceptional people who give of themselves to look after the needs of others with total dedication and love.

Florence Riske was one of those special individuals who cared for her severely handicapped son Melvin since his birth. We lost Florence in December 2009 at the age of 92. Melvin at the age of 71 passed away in 2010. Until we lost them, they were both still living in their home in Ponoka. They will be both dearly missed and we are proud to annually give the Florence Riske Caregiver Award to a deserving member of our community or region.

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